Zambias case for formulating diaspora policy

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Time to end Diaspora complacency

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Relationship between Zambias Exchange Rates and the Zambia in its formulation of monetary and supervisory policies.

Zambia’s debt levels sustainable – Chikwanda

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Consular and Diaspora Diplomacy

THE NATIONAL DECENTRALISATION POLICY “TOWARDS EMPOWERING THE PEOPLE” Office of the President Cabinet Office P.O. Box for policy formulation and delivery of service in a given geographically defined area. In the case of public administration however.

Hence, the government decided to formulate a National Science and Technology Policy. For Science and Technology to be relevant and appreciated in Zambia, policies should focus on the development of the key sectors that contribute to national development and creation of wealth.

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Zambia’s total external debt jumps to US$2 billion Zambias case for formulating diaspora policy
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Perspectives on the relationship between the Diaspora Community and the Government of Ethiopia