Bermuda triangle research center

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Ocean Discovery Centre

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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

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Crystal Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle?

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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

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Claim: Scientists found a crystal pyramid on the ocean&#;s floor beneath the Bermuda The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil's Triangle) is an area bounded by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico where ships and planes are said to mysteriously vanish into thin air.

Ocean Discovery Centre. the exhibits ↓ Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets. Wow the whole family with a visit to the Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets facts are always mixed with fiction.

Ocean Discovery Centre

BUEI has done historical and scientific research to separate the two. This immersive exhibit features an interactive multi-touch table, 3D. Ocean Discovery Centre. the exhibits ↓ Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets.

Wow the whole family with a visit to the Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets facts are always mixed with fiction. BUEI has done historical and scientific research to separate the two.

This immersive exhibit features an interactive multi-touch table, 3D. The Bermuda Triangle, Kusche's research revealed a number of inaccuracies and inconsistencies between Berlitz's accounts and statements from eyewitnesses, participants, and others involved in the initial incidents.

"Bermuda Triangle FAQ". US Navy Historical Center. Coordinates: 25°N 71°W / 25°N 71°WCoordinates: 25°N 71°W / 25°N 71°W. The Center organizes sea and land-based adventure tours, specialized training, group events, BBQ parties, self-contained lodging, equipment storage, etc.

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Bermuda triangle research center
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AUTEC - Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center